Welcome from Julian Grant

Head Teacher

Mr Julian Grant

Welcome to our online Key Stage Four Prospectus which will provide you with information about the curriculum to be offered at Sackville in years 9 to 11 from September 2021.

Our broad KS4 curriculum, with increasing vocational pathways, ensures continued breadth in learning beyond KS3. Students also have the added benefit of being able to personalise their curriculum and achieve their potential according to their abilities, talents and interests. This encourages strong engagement throughout years 9-11 and, consequently, the achievement of higher outcomes. The increased curriculum time Sackville students experience at KS4 means that options subjects can be enriched and knowledge can be deepened using a range of researchled pedagogical developments.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students receive a broad, balanced and relevant education with the ability to gain the best qualifications possible and entry into our excellent sixth form (Key Stage 5). We are committed to all students achieving their potential regardless of their ability or talents; we fight for every child. Our curriculum throughout the school provides clear progression routes which prepare students for the eventual world of work and to live fulfilling adult lives as good global citizens with a lifelong love for learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish students and parents all the best at the start of this coursing process and, once again, to give you our assurance of strong communication throughout.

Julian Grant

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