Curriculum Support

A group of students, selected in consultation with the Deputy Head, Year Leader for Year 8 and SENDCo, will be offered the opportunity to be able to follow the curriculum support option.

 These students will have previously received learning support through the LINK and will be given the opportunity to consolidate and improve their achievements and skills whilst following GCSE courses in English, Maths, Science and Belief and Values.

In addition students will also be able to select three further curriculum options. 

Covering two of these options can provide an opportunity for students to follow Sackville’s Forest Schools programme. This is an exciting, accessible and practical course offering an introduction to the opportunities and activities taking place in our surrounding environment and countryside. 

 Additional Support

There is also flexible support for other students with specific needs whilst following a full quota of GCSE subjects.

Should you wish to follow any of these options then please contact Mrs S Hunt –

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